Friday, June 29, 2007

It’s interesting that both the admittedly unhinged Isaiah Washington and the irritable Britney Spears have come out stating that they think their stays in rehab were bogus. Britney seems to have done it for reasons relating to legal pressure (as Lindsay Lohan is currently doing pending her potential jail sentence) and Isaiah Washington is saying that
"There is no rehab for homophobia—that was just some crap being put out by the network. I went into an executive counseling program which many people in this industry know about and go to.”

Not that we needed any real clarification about the political exploitation of “rehab” but at least here we see it withering and dying as described out of the mouths of two high profile people who went in.

That’s why people are currently getting arrested, dying and using racial slurs. Rehab isn’t really paying off like it used to in the old days.

Pain is the cleanser nowadays.

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