Monday, July 02, 2007

What is it about Liz Hurley and her seeming obsession with eroticizing children through fashion? Incidentally, what an extraordinary sentence to be forced to write. And yet, being forced to write it I am, because Hurley has just come under fire for putting her 5 year old son in a pink bikini and sunglasses, photographing him looking bewildered and putting him on the front page of her website.

She wanted to sell bikinis for little girls to parents so, as anyone would, she forced her son to model them and blocked out all rational arguments against the idea. She then posted the images on her site. Still waiting for a news angle here...Oh, just kidding. What a lunatic.

An “insider” was quoted as saying:

"It's an outrage Liz made her son do this. He's not old enough to make that sort of decision. Imagine the teasing he could suffer at school. Why would any parent do this to their child?"

He isn’t old enough to make what sort of decision, exactly? The decision to wear a woman’s bathing suit? At what age WOULD he be old enough? The same age he’d be old enough to sign for a book deal that would blow “Mommie Dearest” out of the water for all the freaked out shit he was forced to endure as a kid, perhaps?

This is the second time Liz Hurley has been in trouble for vastly inappropriate decisions regarding children and risqué styling. Her leopard skin range for children was apparently too raunchy. Why can’t children be sexualized, gender morphed and used as a fashion accessory by an aging super model? Why? It could be the perfect entrée into the always balanced world of fashion. Any child would be lucky to be exploited that way. [source]

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