Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A cat in Rhode Island is really good at walking up to old people in the nursing home he lives in and indicating who is about to die. Firstly, what an asset to a nursing home as far as being able to gauge when beds would be available and also, it's good news as far as dinner party tricks are concerned. I mean, who can pass up a game of the old “who’s gonna die next – bring in the cat” after a three course meal? No one, that's who. Above all that though, the retirement home staff should be commended for installing an initiative that keeps the elderly folk on their toes. "No one dies on the third floor unless Oscar pays a visit and stays awhile," said one of the doctors at the home. Yeah, they sure don’t. Of course, what they’re not telling us is that the cat is probably riddled with disease or it’s actually a sociopath who suffocates the elderly with pillows when no one is watching. Not everything comes back to the Angel of Death. Sometimes it's just an overlooked fact. [source]

An English thief robbed a store in Berlin and then left a note with his address on it informing the shop assistant that he’d just stolen. So, he was arrested and the whole thing panned out making him look like a conflicted sort of guy. There’s one of these stories printed every couple of weeks and it could be because there’s nothing else to say so Reuters journalists are just making crap up or it could be that a good percentage of criminals are just freaking idiot crack heads. It’d be nice to think both were true, actually. [source]

A Polish bus driver has been fired for sending 38,000 text messages from his business cell phone. He was trying to win a jackpot competition and he ran up a bill of 94,000 zlotys. Polish currency is zlotys. It’s hard to tell how you actually say zlotys but it seems like you’d just say “zlotys”. Oh my God. Ok, so the guy sent a bunch of texts and was fired. I would say that his attention to detail and the task at hand should be immediately commended. To send 1200 texts you’d really need to send just under one a minute for a full 24 hours. After being fired he was quoted as saying, “Now I am without work.” And he was right. And still is. [source]

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