Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Well, now quick – grab a pencil and write this down because it’s finally official. The University of California Los Angeles has just completed what was no doubt exhaustive and taxing research into an area of human interaction no one has really even thought about and they’ve established (radically) that women like men with muscles and that men who have muscles often have more sex than men without. Well, my fucking GOD. Nothing means anything anymore. As a result, here’s a picture of Josh Duhamel naked. Could it be that all that muscle definition gets him laid more? I’m having a hard time coming to terms with this. [source]

Ugandan police are currently holding a Ghanaian preacher in jail under suspicion of fraud because they suspect he’s been using magic tricks and deception to dupe the simpler folk. Maybe it’s because one of the primary things people think of when they ponder Uganda is genocide, a malevolent cannibal dictator and general unpleasantness, maybe it’s just because they’re in a rare state of “concern” for citizens. Either way, it’s weird to see Uganda come out on the side of rational thought but come out Uganda has and kudos to Uganda for that. [source]

China, long burdened by its nuanced and often inane quest to appear on top of things in terms of cleanliness and humanity, has a suburb called Xigong, a district of Luoyang that has put a bounty out on flies to promote cleanliness. As each minute clicks by, China seems increasingly like the nation version of a freaked out person who sits un panic under their bed wearing a safari helmet with a blunderbuss cocked and ready to shoot at all time. "I and colleagues believe it is the best way to push residents to do more for their living environment," Hu Guisheng, the office chief, was quoted as saying. Indeed, by encouraging the death of a natural component of your environment, you enhance it for all. It was more or less the same approach with Tiananmen Square. [source]

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