Monday, July 09, 2007

The New York Post has reported that Ivanka Trump is a potential contender to replace Rosie O’Donnell on The View but why that is the case is not actually delved into.

Has Ivanka Trump ever actually spoken? She’s barely anywhere besides the odd media event with Jared Kushner let alone involved in any kind of discourse about anything at all ever. Why on earth would she be considered for a role on The View? The Post states that the National Enquirer reports Ivanka is a choice because that would apparently stick it to the Hiltons for the way they treated Barbara Walters in reference to the post prison interview. So, does that infer that Hilton was a contender as well? Or that Hilton and Trump are somehow mortal enemies?
What the hell kind of report is this? Ok, fine – it’s the Post reporting the Enquirer; what the hell do we expect? So, yes, it’s chronically flawed.
Regardless of chronic flaw, then the Post goes on to report that other contenders for the vacant position include the terminally unlikable Gale King, the hilarious but one dimensional Mario Cantone, the far too evolved Whoopie Goldberg and Kathy Griffin who is genius but who loses a lot of her impact when she’s reigned in which she would be on The View beneath the watchful, gorgon-esque eye of Walters. That show is sinking fast. [source]

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Kate George said...

Ivanka Trump has been tackling obesity through the mid-west with nothing more than a shovel and a pair of BBQ tongs and is perfectly equipt for the show. As for Kathy Griffin, Red Hair... No Future.