Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Is it actually alarming that people have been literally going through Paris Hilton’s garbage and then selling her old cans of dog food on ebay for hundreds of dollars? Is it? Check your pulse because that’s what is happening. Someone sold an old coke can of hers for 51 dollars online. It really seems like this story was printed because the dog food company that produces the dog food in the can that was sold pushed it as a newsworthy PR item because they wanted the association with Hilton. This is going to eat itself eventually so, it’s nice to know that, living here on the east coast nearly as far away from LA as you can physically get, whenever it does, I will be about as safe as one could expect while still being in the US. Still, we all saw what happened in Katrina when there was no drug supply for the heroin addicts and suddenly they started shooting people because they were jonesing. Yeah, that was unpleasant. Coming down off Paris Hilton is going to be a paradigm shift of heroin addict proportions. [source]

Religious figures that appear on TV or hock their wares are pretty extraordinary characters. Sure, they’re often control freak , drug addict, whore frequenting megalomaniacs but look, they’re out there for the team. Out there for the team right now is Father Henryk Jankowski, a Polish cleric is hocking all manner of wares; from wine to perfume, clothing and also is opening a restaurant. Jankowski is a pretty extroverted guy by the looks of things too. He’s putting his own likeness on the products rather than say, the local Church. He’s going to be on the panel that chooses the waitresses for the restaurant and was quoted as saying, "I am for it as long as it serves a good purpose," he said.
"If necessary I will also sing and dance." Could world domination and a regular spot on The View be his “good purpose”? [source]

A ten year old girl in Nepal was considered a goddess and was worshipped as such until she broke the rules and left the country briefly. All of a sudden, she wasn’t a god any more. Is it sort of embarrassing for people who worship god/children and then suddenly the kid isn’t a god anymore? Is it irritating, embarrassing, or say, undermining? Does it prompt self reflection? What will she do now? One can only assume she’ll become a drug addict. Also, apparently all it takes to be a freaking god in Nepal is, you have to be young, a girl, have perfect skin, hair, eyes and teeth, they shouldn't have scars or wounds, and shouldn't be afraid of the dark. Sounds more like a pederast’s ideal sex object than a god. [source]

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