Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

I thought this happened months ago but apparently only this week did the World’s Tallest man wed his normal sized wife. Maybe the prior news report was about how they got engaged. Who knows. The Tallest Man in the World is not only a savior of dolphins (he was called to put his hand inside a dying dolphin’s stomach and remove sharp plastic and he did so successfully) he’s also a husband now. Is there anything he can't do? Officially. The link is a video of him getting ready for a traditional Mongolian wedding. Utterly remarkable. [source]

A Scottish couple got married and went on their honeymoon only for her to have attacked him by stabbing a stiletto heel into his head while on that honeymoon. The husband’s lawyer was quoted as saying: "She and her husband are still together although this incident has not helped." That’s interesting isn’t it? That is HASN’T helped. If you say the word “honeymoon” just a few times it does that thing where it sort of loses meaning and you realize that you’re just saying sounds that have had meaning projected onto them. [source]

Some Indian kids who were going to school near a graveyard have all been having bad dreams and have been falling ill so authorities have decided to move them away. "I have stopped going to school after many dead people walked out of their graves and came into my dreams, ordering me to reach school on time," said six-year-old Raqib Ansari. Apparently the graves were recently dug and were all fairly shallow so the sickness may, in fact, be a result of the children sitting on slowly decomposing human bodies while pleasantly enjoying lunch. The nightmares are probably just horrifying childhood memories coming to light in the only way that doesn’t cause a total meltdown. That part’s just garden variety night terrors and trauma. Silly. [source]

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