Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today In Extraordinary

A man in Pennsylvania named Matthew Danchanko is having a hard time with his home because thousands of bees have moved in and simply will not leave. It’s fairly clear that the bees are the unreasonable party in this scenario really because they know that their kind are all dying off so they’re pulling diva rank. Danchanko won’t kill them because of that so his goodwill is leaving him in a position of virtuous despair. Still, it remains to be confirmed as to whether Danchanko has actually asked them nicely. Sometimes politeness gets you a long way. Especially with bee diplomacy. [source]

So, all the hysteria in Nepal surrounding the girl goddess that might lose her deity status because she left the country is about to come to a head seeing as she’s returned from her cursed trip to the US. The concept of a living child goddess could only possibly be the result of a mysticised pederast fantasy but still, it will be interesting to see how this plays out in court. There are so many viable arguments on all corners of this story. She is a living goddess, she left the country which makes her less of a deity, she could potentially retain her status. With so little rational thought infused into this case it could potentially play out like a totally inane soap opera. [source]

A chunk of metal crashed through the roof of a New Jersey home and no one knows exactly what is going on. Fox News were good enough to point out that it is man made, just in case people thought it could be alien made or a rock from another planet or something. Just in case. "It belongs to somebody," Police Director Mark Smith said and look, that’s the kind of gut trusting insight we need more of. Still, no one has suggested the most obvious theory of all. This could very well be Donnie Darko happening in real life. [source]

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