Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just as an aside from the whole young Hollywood meltdown thing, Lauren Bacall was quoted by the Post by way of the Times of London, explaining why she’s single and it’s pretty clear that she’s really hit the nail on the head.

They don't exist anymore. Why? Don't ask me. I haven't met anyone I wanted to spend an evening with, much less a life with," the Hollywood legend, 82, tells the Times of London.

And she’s right! Being a randicly bitter, emotionally dead old Manhattan matron who is about on par with Prince Phillip when it comes to political and social views couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that she can’t get a date. Regardless, it’s not all bad news. The whole part about never having met anyone she would want to spend a life with is sort of not so important at this point, is it?

I mean, she’ll be dead in the next 4-5 years anyway especially with that level of hate boiling away inside her. Wouldn’t the time be better spent just cutting to the chase and wearing black Chanel suits and sunglasses while sitting in hotel bars on the Upper East Side, drinking martinis while pretending not to cry? [source]

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