Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

With the endless financial failure of Air Alitalia dragging Italian rapport down, the Italian Minister for Infrastructure has suggested the problem be solved by simply selling the airline for on Euro only. "When something is diseased, you need to amputate it," Antonio Di Pietro said. It’s genius that he managed to characterize a national product as being so much of a failure that it resembles a gangrenous leg. The massive irony here is of course that if that leg had been from a pig they could have sold it for so much more. [source]

A woman in Sweden who is 75 years old just got an internet connection that is 30 gigabytes per second making it the fastest connection anywhere. Is it unreasonable to consider that her use of the super power internet connection involves her looking at the screen every morning and shouting at it to turn on when it’s been shut down over night because she thinks it’s alive. Her time in the secretarial pool in the 50s taught her to touch type though so, we can give her that. [source]

There’s nothing like a good old self appointed guerrilla style intellectual activists who will keep us all nodding knowingly after they sneak a fake bomb onto a plane or register their dog to vote and that’s why today is great. The Head of the Jane Austen Festival in Bath sent a slightly altered copy of Pride and Prejudice to 18 publishers and only one realized it wasn’t an original work. What does it prove? Well, it should first and foremost be seen as a source of relief for struggling novelists. It’s not that they didn’t like your work. They never bothered to READ it. See, you still might have talent. [source]

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