Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can you say, “Getting arrested is officially the new rehab” too many times before it becomes meaningless? Assuming it wasn’t already meaningless prior to the initial observation?
Lily Allen, who was recently arrested for punching a photographer, said to New York magazine, a month prior to it actually happening last week, that she knew she was getting arrested. But that’s not actually all of it.

Lilly Allen seems to be a real aficionado of public whining; essentially, she is performatively self indulgent in public and it ends up getting her attention. Only a month or two ago she was complaining she was fat and depressed online. Then she went and cancelled her US tour which has got to be one of the most petulant things ever and now she’s knocking down paparazzi, getting arrested and slyly letting slip to the press about it. All around the same time Paris Hilton went into jail and her stock value started to soar as a result.

The great thing is, it’s not like we even need to scrimp and scrutinize for evidence that this is true. NY Magazine wrote,

"I could be Paris Hilton soon enough," Allen said as she watched the scene play out on CNN from the Heatherette offices.

Only if she plays her cards right and gets arrested and put in jail for nothing much. Anything else will backfire. [source]

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