Thursday, July 05, 2007

David Beckham was filmed explaining the virtues of milk, obviously for an endorsement campaign, and look, if nothing else is obvious; the virtues of milk are really endless. Much like the session of shooting and ongoing requests from the interviewer and camera man.

But, actually, there are a couple of other things that are obvious. Namely, that even David Beckham can come up with bullshit answers about something as inane as milk for as long as it takes.

Best quote ever:

I drink Milk every day…my sons are the same, my wife’s the same”

Yeah, while it’s hard to be completely certain, there’s a good chance Posh doesn’t drink milk. She may bathe in it, throw bottles of it at the servants and lament the fact that silicon rocks in her chest prevent her from producing it but it probably doesn’t go into her body. Extra fluids would make her look pudgy and that would be her nightmare come true. There’s no milk for Posh. She only eats a bean a month and also shopping.

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