Friday, July 13, 2007

Posh and Becks have no officially arrived in America to move into their ludicrously expensive house. The very house that apparently has a digital imaging based wardrobe that shows Posh what she looks like from the back and various angles (presumably so she can identify pockets of fat she has so far failed to hate out of existence), gold taps with jewels on them and a million dollar TV. A million dollar TV. They also felt that they hadn’t spent enough money on the house so they paid someone a million dollars to decorate it.

Why couldn’t Posh decorate it? Isn’t that what she does? Buy and place material items? Relentlessly? With no expense spared?
Plus, there’s so much press arranged all surrounding their arrival; the TV show, the cover of W. What the hell for? He’s playing soccer, she well…something. What are they aiming for? They don’t DO anything that really needs this much publicity for work.
Anyway, so they’ve arrive in the Land of the Free and it feels like an anti-climax because they’ve been here so many times I sort of thought they already were here. Well, that’s when I was thinking about it. It’d become unmistakably interesting if Romeo ended up a gay, fiercely analytical, literary character with a distinct distain for excessive materialism, fashion and sport. [source]

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