Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Controlling journalists with contracts and behavioral requirements is the new “getting arrested”. It’s not even like the getting arrested thing was that old or worn out – it was certainly no “rehab” or “sex tape”.
Regardless, Nick Lachey joins the ranks of Madonna, Angelina Jolie and Posh Spice who all react imperiously and aggressively in front of and in relation to the press. Fresh from his newly minted sex photo scandal with Vanessa Minillo in Mexico, was on Good Day New York to plug his baseball team etc. and when asked about the paparazzi shots of him having sex with his girlfriend and all of a sudden (yeah, right) his satellite went dead.
The entire thing was completely orchestrated in the same way that Joan Rivers made appearances on TV shows in Australia while promoting her one woman show – she would turn up, say something scripted that was meant to be offensive and then the host would have her thrown off. No one was appalled except maybe at the transparency of it all.
Totally predictable.
For one thing, this is Fox News for Christ’s sake. The entire program is heavily scripted to ensure maximum impact. So, Lachey doesn’t want to answer the question. Ok. Fine. If he didn’t want to then wouldn’t he just get up and walk off? Are we honestly to believe that he has technical control of the satellite in his hands during the entire interview? What crap.
The insincere reaction on Jodie Applegate’s face was meaningless and then entire thing was about publicity. To their credit though, this wasn’t as eye roll worthy as the NBC journalist who tried to burn the Paris Hilton lead story on air in protest. This is slightly better. AS in, entertaining.

So, basically, abusing and dehumanizing or disrespecting journalists in an official sense (where you don’t get arrested) is the new black. Getting arrested is, after all, so last week. Literally. [source]

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