Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

The Ministry of Health in Italy has launched what may technically be mildly effective but what has got to be the blandest campaign to assist in dealing with a heat wave; they’re suggesting people take off their ties. My God, just reading this is totally sedating. It’s like you can just imagine how many people were marketing this completely arbitrary campaign. Take off your tie and lower your body temperature 2-3 degrees – that’s the rationale. They have to come with something though, it seems, after they seem to have such a problem with people swimming in the tremendously inviting fountains all over the Rome. Plus, the backlash is great because you also get the rage from the tie makers: “Italy confirms that it is a strange country," tie maker Flavio Cima said in a letter to financial daily Il Sole 24 Ore under the headline: "I, tie maker, am responsible for global warming". Yeah, that’s totally what they meant. Everyone knows that. [source]

In what must be a dream come true for whores who are heavily addicted to stimulants, (and what quality whore isn’t?) India has just launched a line of condoms that are flavoured with paan, a flavor reminiscent of tobacco and betel nut. What this really means is that whores can do their sinful business but still convince themselves that they’re standing outside on the corner, chewing the fat (or betel nut) with co-workers, talking about their unruly rebellious kids and lack of dental plan in the oldest profession. IT’s about effective stress management and ingrained denial. [source]

16 year old Lydia Playfoot took her school to court for forcing her to take off her Christian abstinence promise ring and a court ruled that her insistence on wearing the ring was not her right and ordered her not only to take off the ring at school but also that her parents had to pay the school’s legal costs. These stories about activist Christian kids are never about the kid’s intellectually established beliefs; they’re always about the kids trying to win favour with idiot Christian parents. Why can’t they just go into showbiz desperately hoping for massed public validation in PLACE of a parent’s with held love. It’s the normal way. [source]

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