Friday, July 06, 2007

The New York Post reports that Mariah Carey is wrapping up a film called Tennessee. This would be the second film she’s done, the first being her 2001 cinematic masterpiece, Glitter. Here is a little glimpse at what she did to us 6 years ago with Glitter:

Just incidentally, isn’t it great how every film preview can start out with the phrase “In a World...”. Mariah Carey’s vanity epic, Sci Fi films made entirely to showcase new software, Gangster flicks…they’re all in their own “worlds”.

Anyway, the Post goes on to quote someone on set: “Word from the set is she’s ‘really, really good’ in it”

Well, yes.
Of course word on the set is that she’s really really good in it. That’s part of her momentus rider – that everyone at all times must congratulate Ms Carey on every single gesture she makes and no one may make eye contact either. She must also have a dwarf run in front of her at all times to sprinkle a carpet of yellow rose petals and the air must smell of dusk in the South no matter where she is. All cast and crew other than Ms Carey must kneel before her and if she addresses them directly must thank her profusely for acknowledging their existence.
It’s also a given that if anyone from the cast or crew is, at any time, speaking to the press they are wired up with a bug so Ms Carey may hear every word they say and if they say anything apart from the party line at any time she is allowed to detonate them with the touch of a button. If that happens she is brought chocolate on the stomach of an underwear model which she may eat with no hands to cheer her up. [source]

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mc_fan said...

First of all, this not her her second movie. She has played in another independet movie called Wise Girls with collabration Mira Sorvino and Melora Walters which was well received in Sundance Film Festival. You should watch her performance. Glitter was a production and direction disaster that you can't blame Mariah.