Friday, July 27, 2007

Nicole Ritchie is getting 4 days for driving down the wrong side of the road. Is it too tiresome to say, “Jail time is the new “beating up on journalists and paparazzi?” Yes, it probably is, so let’s now just put it this way: doing jail time is the new celebrity soul exfoliator. Rehab certainly won’t cut it any more. If you do a little time inside, you come out and then you cash in. After Lohan goes in, any other celebrity who gets jail time and tries to cash in will be the equivalent of Jesse Metcalfe going to rehab or Andy Dick accidentally saying “nigger”. This is the flip side of the mammoth level of accolades these people get for virtually nothing except having a credit card their family pays off. That’s more or less what the average American apparently wants nowadays.[source]

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