Friday, July 27, 2007

So basically I spent the entire day dealing with the US Post Office and that's why there aren't any posts online today.

Today more or less involved going to the Post Office in the Empire State Building, lining up, waiting, asking a customer service representative who looked like a little Latino pumpkin how much it would cost to send a 48 pound box to Australia that was 20x15x13, being told it would cost 192.80, going back to the office, packing 48 pounds of things in to a box, addressing it, carting it down to the freaking Post Office, waiting in line, asking who looked like a diusgruntled, haggard version of Andrew Sullivan to process the package, finding out that it would actually cost 385.00 because the box was 6 inches too large, carting the box back to the office, calling up courier offices to find out that it would cost in excess of 500 dollars to have the 48 pound box shipped through anyone else, unpacking the box, repacking it into 2 smaller boxes, carting it back down to the Post Office, waiting in line, asking a customer service representative to process it, being told that the "To:" and "From:" label had to be on the same panel, noticing that they weren't, almost having a coronary, being told that I shouldn't stress because if that was the least of my worries I had nothing really to worry about, paying 175 dollars to post the two boxes and then finally coming back to the office.

The parts that I left out involved the repeated congested, stopping-at-every-floor use of the elevator at all of the times I needed it, the oblviousness of the doormen to my need to open the door while carrying a 48 pound backage, the relentless, repetitive, detailed complaints about the lack of air conditioning in one part of the office from the office tenants I don't actually work for and the dumpling restaurant cashier who insisted that it was impossible to get a half/half combination of kim chi dumplings and pork dumplings on the basis that one was boiled and one was fried.

So, that's why I basically did no blogging today. However, in a minute, I'll post the entire day in rapid fire summation.

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