Thursday, July 05, 2007

Al Gore’s son, Al Gore was arrested for drug possession, TMZ (and more or less everyone else) reports.

So, what does this prove? That even beneath the stately exterior of the sparkling, overachieving Gore family there’s still dysfunction and unrest that is medicated against. You’d probably have to be medicated if you were Al Gore’s son. This is entirely expected. The real person to be watching for a public meltdown here is Chelsea Clinton. Talk about never being good enough. The Bush twins will probably just end up in PR; calling in favours from family connections forever and so there’s not enough complexity there to really warrant an all out drug abuse scandal although, come on, as if they aren’t coke whores every second night of the week anyway. Especially the blonde one. She has a real publicist face. Kind of expectant, greedy, aspirational and interested in shoes.

So, the comments from your average joe type people on TMZ are also entirely expected. It’s always great when people start to try and make political comments and or humour when they don’t actually have any idea beyond a predictable hatred of politicians for no specific reason than it redefines their average plight as virtuous.
Here is one quality gem:

Almighty Green Bud...but it's just too funny that his kid doesn't fall too far from the tree. Karma is a lovely gift. Screw you Al Gore. Smoke the green'll do your body good.

and this one is my favourite:
This is funny and Al Gore the guy who say's he invented the internet and is the Godfather of global warming crap which is another way of the liberals to control the people. I think I'd take drugs if I had to listen to Big Al talk!!!

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