Thursday, July 19, 2007

It’s actually been a little while since we heard from the ex-gay Christian therapist movement. Maybe they’ve been laying low to keep fall out from inevitable public relapse of Ted Haggard to a bare minimum. Who can blame them either, I mean, is there any doubt that any minute now he’s going to be sprung in a cheap hotel along highway 66, high as a buzzard on crystal meth with a red ball stuck in his mouth next to an unconscious 20 year old hustler? No, it’s really hard to see the future involving anything less than that. And frankly, the very idea of anything less is unconscionable.
However, despite that public relations time bomb, they’re clearly itching for some cheap media attention because New York Post reports today that, as part of a documentary, 20 prominent gay Broadway theatre stars were documented going to underground meetings hoping to be cured of being gay.

It’s always astounding to note that as you step up the ladder into the higher rungs of professional theatre there are less and less gay men. Conversely, when you’re at the bottom rung you’d be hard pressed to find a straight man. Where do they all go? Well, finally we have our answer. They’re all locked in cages underground listening to religious evangelists screech perverted, inane, abuse doctrine at them. Well, it’s good that that mystery all been cleared up. [source]

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