Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A Middle Eastern businessman went to a club in London called Crystal and spent 105,000 pounds on booze in one night which is some kind of record for the club. He was throwing money around in the form of massive bottles of Cristal champagne etc. and also took home a £9,000 jeroboam of Dom Perignon in a white gold case just in case he needed more booze when he got home. More insanely expensive booze. The interesting thing about this club is that it’s the setting for this story but there’s nothing actually about the venue itself in the article. Nothing that explains why anyone would go there and spend 105,000 pounds on liquor. Prince Harry goes, Pete Dougherty cheated on Kate Moss there, Orlando Bloom goes there. But why? Now, all the rich prats have been mobilized to try and beat the record and they’re making bookings and all the club has to do is sit back and wait for the insane amounts of cash to flow in. For no apparent reason. [source]

As part of their ongoing campaign to ready Beijing for international scrutiny at the Olympics next year, Olympic officials in Beijing have made an announcement informing people to get rid of their bad habits. Apparently, bad habits that infest the Chinese people are Spitting, littering and the unwillingness of many Chinese to stand in line. It’s also interesting that the Chinese government considers it possible to change the minute behavioural habits of its people through assemblies and announcements. It’s really just like high school when you’ve got a Royal visitor on the way. There’s an assembly, they tell you not to throw up on the visiting dignitary. Everyone rolls their eyes. One rebellious kid in the back whose parents divorced recently vows to throw a spit ball at the visitor. Everyone wonders whether it will end up happening but doesn’t dare question his word. [source]

According to a survey in Italy, the majority of people actually want to make doping legal when it comes to cycling. They apparently think it would save cycling as a sport and you know, if you think about sport as entertainment and, Lord knows, some people actually do…then they’re probably right. If you allow people to get doped out of their minds and then train they’ll become freakish, human sporting machines, they’ll do faster and better than ever before, then they’ll beat the crap out of their wives, husbands and children and every now and then flip out in public – maybe at children which of course is even better than a spouse in terms of horror value. So, with legalized dope usage in Italy what you’ll get is a great show on TV when cyclists are racing and a whole lot of great celebrity gossip fodder in the interim. It’s really win win. [source]

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