Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Al Sharpton and Harvey Levin are at each others throats in one of the most self promotional non-fights since Geraldo and Bill O’Reilly screamed at other about immigration rulings for ten minutes. TMZ.com claimed, rather hilariously that Beyonce looked like a “roboho” in her metal robot outfit and, hearing the word “ho” again within the final moments of resonance after the Don Imus incident, Sharpton heard the ka-ching of a proverbial political cash register and came running, chock full of self important outrage all downloaded and ready to blast. So, now, Harvey Levin and Sharpton are at each other’s throats in a totally inane politically correct argument that calls on Sharpton’s signature issue of “racism” and Levin’s signature issue of “gutter level celebrity bashing”.

In essence, the argument could go on for ages because they’re essentially felating each other and it seems like not that many people actually care.
This isn’t the first time TMZ has blown a story up for its own editorial content needs. Jason and Brandon Davis would both be just two more aimless rich kids drinking their crippling need for boundaries away in Hollywood if it weren’t for TMZ. But, thanks to relentless, EASY baiting they’re regular cheap abuse fodder. Which, admittedly, is good of them because there’s nothing more reassuring than aiming your intolerant rage at someone else. So, in conclusion, thank you Harvey Levin for producing base level editorial. At least with TMZ.com you know where you stand. Sharpton may have his finger on the trigger about racism but he’s deaf to homophobia and there’s almost not difference between the two. [source]

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