Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Brazil's Marcelo Melo and Andre Sa just broke the world record for the longest final set in tennis. They played for 5 hours and 58 minutes. It’s odd reading sports journalism because for the most part it really is a foreign language if you don’t actually care on a basic level about sport. It’s sort of the same as reading fetish porn that isn’t your fetish. It’s just a whole lot of needless concentration. But, this is good because it’s a new world record and what person can’t enjoy a good old fashioned world record. Only hateful people dislike a record breaker. [source]

A cave near Birmingham, England was just sold for 100,000 pounds. So, you basically pay that money and then you can go live in your water and electricity free cave. At least you would never have a rat problem because how can a rat live in your wall when your wall is a mountain. Maybe you’d have a dragon problem or it would cave in on you. I don’t know, great, so someone paid 100K for a cave. Cool. You get 2 acres of land with it. A cave would be great if you were a Tolkien freak who had to recreate Middle Earth so you could cope with reality. This way you could really be a hobbit. Or something. [source]

Takeru Kobayashi lost the hot dog eating championship yesterday; having been beaten by young upstart Joey Chestnut. Kobayashi had a jaw injury etc. etc. Yeah, so new champion etc. Look, it’s great that Takeru Kobayashi is this quirky cool Japanese competitive eater and all but it’s mildly bewildering that he’s actually a name so many people know. Why is everyone talking about this SO much? Competitive eating has got to be the stupidest god damned thing ever. Only in America could a competition be arranged to allow people to shovel as much food into themselves as humanly possible. Actually, probably Japan. Maybe Germany but instead of food it would be human feces and animal porn. [source]

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