Monday, July 09, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

A Catholic School in Australia has hesitated and cowered in the corner of the proverbial room at the prospect of enrolling a young boy by the name of Max Hell. Max Hell is, by far, one of the coolest names – maybe ever. Their ludicrous inability to see this clear example of cool proves yet again, that the Catholic Church has managed to fail miserably when it comes to operating well within the broad perimeters of rationality. Failure, Catholic Church, failure. Why don’t you just change your name to “the Failure Church”. At least people would know what they’re getting (which is “failure”). [source]

Women in Spain are demanding their own running of the bulls in what appears to be a symbolic demand for equality. They’re actually more interested in having an oestrogen soaked “running of the cows” and it would seem likely that the cows might not actually charge into people out of panic or rage, as much as they would run in the other direction. So what do we actually have, ultimately, when you get down to it? You’d have a large collective of probably Spanish bull dykes (ha!) actually chasing a petrified cow through the streets of Pamploma. In essence, you have the opposite of what it is now. [source]

Reports about Knut, the celebrity polar cub who famously made a name for himself for maintaining an almost criminal level of cuteness after being rejected by his mother indicate that he is probably the Lindsay Lohan of the celebrity bear world. Sure handlers say that Knut is simply at a point where he needs to be integrated with the other polar bears but its clear what has happened here. He got a little drunk on celebrity and started to lose his grip on reality. He slipped a few times in from of the paparazzi and was found at the wheel of a car passed out on his way home from a brothel. Samantha Ronson sold photos to the press. He’s in bear rehab. Just say it. [source]

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