Friday, July 27, 2007

Honestly, this has got to have been one of the best weeks in celebrity insanity news and that’s unfortunate because I’ve been really pre-occupied with insomnia due to portfolio insanity. Prince von Ahnalt, Zsa Zsa’s husband and according to himself only, the alleged father to Anna Nicole’s baby was found in his car, naked, robbed of everything he owns – apparently the victim of three hookers. Or perhaps it was one of the highly prevalent lesbian gangs – oh wait – they’re only on the East Coast. I mean, really though. At the end of the day, how astounding is this story? Let’s sum it up: A Prince (who incidentally, isn’t a Prince because his title was paid for and the United States has no Princes) was found in his car, naked. He has no title, no clothes, no dignity, no kid with Anna Nicole and indeed, the lack of these elements only goes to show just how sharp and together Zsa Zsa, herself is. What a winner of a husband; a charlatan, whore banging old man. There’s nothing more sexually attractive than that. Champagne! [source]

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