Friday, July 27, 2007

Lindsay Lohan released a statement saying that she wasn’t driving, a black guy was. TMZ goes on to interview the guys that were actually in the car when she was chasing and they basically painted her as a celebrity, axe wielding freak. It’s hard to know what really happened but it’s actually a lot more fun to assume that everything they say is incredibly accurate. Lohan is clearly fundamentally unhinged. To really ram the Lohanian guilt home, TMZ then ran a poll asking whether Lohan played the race card. 86% of people said yes, and whether or not they could possibly have any idea about how truthful the guys were in their interview, at the end of the post they ran, it doesn’t matter what they’re asking you about Lohan – you’re going to vote that she did it. TMZ is unashamedly horrifying in the best possible way. [source]

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