Friday, July 20, 2007

If there was any doubt that the Beckhams are products more than they are humans, the always smiling, probably always neurotic Scientology contingent have obliterated it forever. Tom Cruise and his business associate Katie Holmes along with Will Smith and his wife are throwing a party for David and Victoria Beckham to “welcome” them to LA. Everyone wants a piece of the Beckhams and the amazing thing is, always cut loose from the burden of a quest for excellence or even just critical acclaim Victoria Beckham is really just an essentially classless skeleton and, brilliant at soccer though he is, David Beckham has an injury and hasn’t confirmed if he’ll play the next game yet.

However, if you look at the media coverage of celebrities, there’s a distinct decline in Paris Hilton stories and a chronic incline in stories or just hype surrounding the Beckhams (a google search of Victoria Beckham turns up over 700 articles while the same for Hilton turns up around 100). That would explain Paris’ business savvy reach out to Victoria Beckham which was followed by the subsequent PR rejection burn. It also explains the interest that Cruise Corp and the equally sycophantic Smith family have in the Beckhams. Everyone wants a piece of the Beckham pie. It’s sort of like the Matrix. You strip away the flesh and bone and you’re left with calculated transactions. And, in the case of Tom Cruise, a piece of coal and a lot of repressed sexuality – probably enough to unseat the foundations of the Empire State Building. [source]

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