Monday, July 30, 2007

Star Jones is finally talking about, among other things, the real reason she was so utterly unliked on The View and it’s nothing to do with her unavoidably alluring physique, extraordinarily easy going approach to sensible adult relationships and who makes what decision when it comes to work.

It’s actually about the fact that she’s a woman.

Best quote ever in this piece is the quote that the Post took from an interview with Star from Marie Claire:

"Donald Trump told me, 'Star, they'd never have given you a hard time if you were a white guy.'

Well, yes, that’s certainly true but then if Star Jones were a white male (and let’s not rule anything out…underneath all that surgery and makeup she could actually be anything at all) they also wouldn’t have given her the job in the first place. After all, The View is about women sitting around a table talking about various things.

What is astonishing is that Star Jones chose to take seriously and to actually re-quote Donald Trump when he was clearly talking to her while looking around the room trying to figure out how the hell he was going to get away from her while phoning in whatever the hell he had to to keep it looking like he was paying attention. From the looks of things, Star Jones is one of those people who goes to parties and gets her photo taken with actual celebrities. Then she mounts them on her wall. For every image of her and someone else there’s a framed, photoshop image of her, standing next to herself at an awards ceremony. In most of them she’s wearing a gown with sunglasses on. But she’s inside and it’s dark. She does that because she’s intolerable. [source]

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