Thursday, July 26, 2007

Like clockwork, people are complaining that Posh Spice is being too elitest and cold to everyone in relentlessly smiling LA and that means, everything is going swimmingly.

Of COURSE she’s cold and mean and sort of cruel – not sure how she’s cruel but you just know she’d like people to think she’s cruel. Sort of like a fashion editor. Fashion editorial people just love to be thought of as cruel and powerful. Actually, lower rung fashion PR people sometimes do too. Oh, ok whatever.

Anyway – so, she’s mean and isn’t smiling enough. Good.

All she has to do now is turn around do something charming and nice, just once, and it will all work perfectly. She could very easily leverage the class anxiety Americans suffer so desperately from when it comes to the English; treating everyone with contempt until the last minute when she’s suddenly lovely and all the LA society people turn and act like it’s always been pleasant. Then everyone loves her, she eases back into mean and cold and the cycle begins and she takes over.

After the Scientology contingent threw her a welcome party, it seems like she’s got to come up with something pretty soon or the resentment will take over. This is the same kind of give and take thing that America has with English actors. Of course, with English actors they’re giving performances on the screen and they’re often adopting American accents so it pans out.
Of course, the other option is that Posh is merely a dreadfully insecure, unstimulated, monied up classless housewife in LA for no reason pertaining to her own non-existent career and as such she has trouble making friends. If she weren’t sort of relegating Paris Hilton to a position of irrelevance I’d care a lot less. [source]

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