Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd
A snack bar owner in Germany was issued with a tax bill for two billion dollars because she hadn’t paid her taxes in a long while and so, rather flabbergasted at being charged what could actually be the yearly budget for transport or even defense if it weren’t war time, she’s suing. It’ll be interesting what comes out of this court case. This may have just been plan A in paying off some secret, naughty German debts. The German Federal government may have just figured she’d pay it like a car fine and then they’d be off scott free. Not this time German Federal government. You’re going to have to pay back your debts like everyone else. [source]
A totally normal woman walked into and art gallery and, while wearing red lipstick, kissed an artwork by artist Cy Twombley. The nitpicky gallery owner, of course, made a big fuss about it and actually accused her of raping the artwork and she was arrested. Of course, the problem with that theory is that the artwork would have to have refused to be kissed in the first place and as such it wasn’t rape. Why? Art can’t talk. Plus, it’s unlike that anyTHING that spends more than a few hours at an art gallery, let alone an art gallery opening would not have had a drink so I would suggest that the artwork had booze on its breath and that maybe things didn’t actually happen quite the way the gallery owner suggests. There are always two sides to every story. That artwork was begging for it. [source]
It’s been a while since we had one of these gems but this week is panning out to be full of classic insanity so, here we go. If you’re an idiot but you have plenty of money then the first thing you’ll want to do right now, as in, actually stand up and get your skates on, is go to Harrod’s and buy the new $250,000 frying pan and cutlery set. You should immediately book a flight if you’re not already in England. Or, you know call someone who is. It doesn’t matter how you get that freaking pan, just get it. Just get it any way you can. For obvious reasons. [source]

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