Friday, July 06, 2007

Posh Spice was just paid $140,000 to play herself in an episode of Ugly Betty which means she may very well do a really good job. Posh’s main interests lie in being thin and shopping so it’s safe to say she’s pretty much unburdened by a quest for artistic excellence.

All she has to do now is turn up, not eat, look thin and fabulous at all times and say a few lines that indicate that she realizes people think she’s difficult and that she doesn’t actually take herself too seriously and gay men the universe over will make her a Goddess. She’ll sort of be like Loni Anderson on Melrose Place but with less artistic complexity or depth (!).

But good on Posh for getting out there now that she’s moved to LA. She’s had that winning dance track that no one heard, there’s the reality show that ended up having to be a one hour special (special being the operative word) and now this. It’s only one show, a token part and she’s playing herself. The work has been whittled down to nothing. Next she’ll install a mirror in her bedroom and the show will just be her staring into a mirror, imploding for an hour a day. Do you think you could manage that Posh? Better shop on it. [source]

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