Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Posh and Becks have appeared in a fashion shoot for fashion magazine W and it’s being touted as a “blow” in their “assault” on America as part of their “campaign” to become the biggest thing ever everywhere or some other crap. The whole spread can be seen here.

Yeah, it does kind of resonate as a loud pop cultural statement seeing as they just arrived and all but the entire idea if characterizing their presence in America as a war-like campaign is a little off the mark. Sure, Posh is at war with the physical elements of her being in that she starves herself and shovels silicon in areas that all of a sudden need to be fatter or more pert but her overall being hardly resonates as “war” when she’s merely shopping all day and imploding at the sight of a camera. Actually, if she were a drag queen the amount of shopping and posing she does could be considered war-like. In the images, Posh looks like she’s trying too hard but then that’s probably what you get when you don’t have anything to do ever and you suddenly get asked to do something – you just overdo to the point of absurdity.
Best quote from Posh:

“I’m going to try and smile more for America.”

Yeah, just try to. Don't beat yourself up if it doesn't happen though...

David Beckham, as usual, looks astounding and he poses like a pro which begs the ultimate question; when exactly does he train? He’s seen out all the time and he’s appearing in W magazine in a photo shoot set in the middle of the desert. When you’re the greatest soccer star in the world, don’t you need to focus and train all day? I actually don’t know and so that’s why I’m posing this question.

In short, Posh and Becks in magazine, posh is dehydratedly thin with over styled hair, she implodes, Becks is in underwear which, as a concept, is always great. All this apparently is a war-like move when you are pop cultural icons from the UK who live in Beverly Hills now. To be fair, it’s a really slow news day and Nicole Ritchie is absolutely not getting any air time from me right now. [source]

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