Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yep, it’s all working out fine for Posh’s “I’m better than you because I’m English but wait, I am still LA style thin, tanned and obsessed with clothes so yeah, you probably can’t work me out yet “ celebrity angle. TMZ reports that Posh and David Beckham were seen leaving The Little Door restaurant in LA last night and that neither one of them smiled.
The stereotype is that English people are completely emotionally stunted and so when you place two of them, no matter how utterly common they really are, in the midst of the forced optimism capital of the universe, it’s bound to be a crazy cultural misunderstanding that will play out brilliantly to sit com proportions. In some ways, it’s similar to when the Queen refused to address her subjects after Diana died and everyone was stunned at her lack of emotion and kept waiting and asking for something. The British newspaper headlines included: “Show Us You Care, Ma’am” a day or so after Diana died. You can bet that if it were an American, people would have been weeping or giving heartfelt speeches.
So, the basic equation is set up: Posh wants to be photographed in LA. LA smiles at her because that’s what LA does. Posh doesn’t smile back. LA is stuck forever wondering what is wrong and falls over itself to find out.

All Posh has to do is stay angry and intolerant. And thin. [source]

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