Tuesday, July 24, 2007

As the minutes go by, Tom Cruise is less an actor and more a catalyst and campaigner for delusional cult based freakdom and his new movie is really one of the clearest examples of that.
MSNBC, among others, published reports that the German Protestant Church has lashed out at Cruise for being the contemporary equivalent of Joseph Goebbels and, with all uneasy references to the Nazi unpleasantness aside, there’s actually a fragment of similarity there.

Germany has come out and stated that it will not tolerate Scientology for the simple reason that it is a cult and, as we know, cults are bad. America has a harder time coming to the same conclusion about cults that range from bottled water to science fiction based religions because America is pre-occupied with being passionate about being passionate.

There must always be a symbol of ultimate purity in America. Germany doesn’t have that problem, it appears to have reconciled its human passion fairly well – particularly when it comes to fetishism. So, as a result, the Germans hate Scientology and therefore they hate Tom Cruise.
United Artists has stated that they have a passionate belief in the cultural worth of ‘Valkyrie’, which is the story of Col. Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg’s assassination attempt on Hitler. Of course, what they really mean is that they have a passionate belief in the cultural worth of Tom Cruise as a bipolar, ego maniac , more or less self appointed Christ figure for the Church of Scientology and seeing as there are so many non-Scientologists in Germany, this is a campaign to change that.

In playing this role, Cruise is so obviously less interested in the cultural entity of film and so clearly more interested in ingratiating himself with Germany so that his army of alpha evangelists can race in and administer stress tests and take over. It’s really just like the Yellow Peril. But actual.

Gone are the days when Cruise could command and revel in enough attention from a film role. Cruise’s adherence to Scientology, Hollywood’s answer to spirituality with its pay as you go, mason-like in-crowd and totally inane mythology, allows him to simply cut to the chase. He wants to be in control of everything. He needs desperately to be an actual God.

Germany’s reticence to embrace the cultish hierarchy of Scientology that gives Cruise social power right now stops him from having clout in Germany? Fine. He’ll just characterize himself as a national German hero and endear himself to them that way. For Cruise, acting is really just a technique for mind control as far as Cruise is concerned and that, it seems, is where the Goebbels reference comes in.

I would actually suggest that Cruise is, in fact, an actual, eternally wet and slithery mammoth gorgon under that admittedly smoking hot exterior and as such he naturally wants to physically eat everyone. Alive. What’s the bet that he somehow believes that once everyone is chewed up and lying in his stomach as human pulp, he’ll finally be able to relax and come out of the closet. Once he’s the ruler of the universe, then no one will disapprove. Especially not his mother or that other pesky god he’s currently trying to unseat. The one that denies the existence of mental illness or homosexuality. Cruise knows better than God though. He knows there’s such thing as mental illness and homosexuality. Boy, does he ever. [source]


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If you stare long enough at the two photos, you will see a pretzel shaped like Mother Theresa.