Thursday, July 26, 2007

Even though it’s just a rumour, there’s a whole lot of talk about putting Brokeback Mountain on the stage and also, that Hugh Jackman and James Marsden are supposed to be the ones who play Jack and Ennis. A lot of the talk is about how it’s just a rumour or how hot it would be to get Jackman to have sex on stage with James Marsden (cause that is actually exactly what’s in line for this production…it’s entirely possible that they will get naked and go at it for ten, fifteen minutes live on stage each night – it’s a really reasonable and artistically viable idea.).

And look: those speculations are all well and good. They’re normal even. In fact, it’s also sometimes really important for us to speculate about those things. And obsess.

The mature and adult question, however, might actually be, what the hell kind of stage show would Brokeback Mountain actually make? It sort of smacks of that old but brilliant Corky St. Clair idea of making Backdraft into a Musical. Just take a movie and whack it on stage. There’s no rumour of any musical numbers but, it goes without say that it could be a dramatic triumph if they had the Mountain Top Internalised Self Loathing Dancers in the background at all times, just lounging around in cowboy gear. Sort of like the three boys that hang out a lot in The Magic Flute as a sort of moral compass. Except these ones would be in glittering chaps and would each wear two button-up shirts.

Even if this is supposed to go on stage, however, it’s a really great move for Hugh Jackman. He’s essentially the only action hero movie actor who has also played repeatedly and to critical acclaim on Broadway and he manages to fluctuate between gay roles and straight roles with professional maturity that doesn’t seem to forcibly stick him in any box.

With Priscilla the Musical, Mamma Mia, Grey Gardens, Brokeback Mountain the stage play (or musical…please?) will the upwardly mobile, theatre going gay yuppie/middle aged, fat, emotionally daunted office worker women on a girls night out demographic be a little exhausted though?

Plus, as My New Plaid Pants said, this is also simply an opportunity to post more pics of HJ and JM.

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