Monday, April 23, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

After a 40 year old office clerk named Roberta took her clothes off and swam naked in Rome’s famous Trevi fountain, the fountain featured in Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, she was quoted as saying, “the water is everyone's. I was hot,". What was more than likely left out of her statement was the incoherent rant that followed – a direct result of actually simply BEING a 40 year old office clerk. How the hell long can someone be expected to do glorified data entry before they snap. Kudos to you Roberta. Swim away the crippling horror you see when you’re alone at night with only your closet of stolen post-it notes to console you. [source]

Taking a leaf out of Prince Philip’s book on common etiquette, a newly appointed upper caste school teacher in India ordered that the lower caste students be purified by having cow urine poured on their heads. Apparently, parents were complaining but, as is the custom with lower caste people in India, they were more than likely beaten for hours and then told to take out the garbage. Oh well. [source]

While the multiple layers of sincere joy that could have been brought to thousands of visitors to Taipei was obliterated due to a heartless few who were culturally intolerant of a Holocaust themed restaurant a few years ago, the chance to be distracted from over priced, average food by gimmicky hospital themed decorations and sexually provocative waitresses dressed as nurses who serve drinks that come in an IV bag and the toilet is called the “Emergency Room” (it’s simply about owning up to what your strengths and weaknesses are, in Taipei, apparently) is up and running and thank goodness it is. Look, seriously, what’s really annoying about this story is that the reporter used the word “tipple” in the title. God damn it, never say that word again. [source]

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