Monday, April 09, 2007

When you’re the official Christ-figure of a major faith-based organization (not to mention when it comes to your general ego too) and you’re also bipolar and now more or less completely inhuman, the best thing to do to keep your career in Hollywood afloat is to play a Nazi. Even though this is generalized advice that anyone who is a living Christ figure could use, it’s sort of aimed specifically at Tom Cruise because that’s what Tom Cruise is actually doing. But wait, let’s not get all hysterical, he’s not actually becoming a Nazi and also, the role is that of a Nazi who attempted to kill Adolf Hitler so in many ways, he’s sort of positioning himself as a hero for the Germans, who consider the character he’ll play a national hero. Just as German culture has historically proven itself generally scat obsessed, Germans also tend to be intolerant of Scientology having banned it so by playing a German hero, Cruise is suspected of trying to gain favor with the Germans who hate him. And it can’t possibly hurt him with the Jews either, they certainly seem to hate Hitler (actually quite a lot!) and seeing as he’d be playing someone who tried to kill Hitler and who ended up killed by him, his hatred of and ultimate victimisation by Hitler is probably something they might relate to. It’s interesting when movies actually become socio-political weapons for actors egos. [source]

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I'm assuming Mel Gibon will be playing the role of Hitler, yes?