Friday, April 27, 2007

Alec Baldwin is awfully upset about this:

So much so that he’s left his management company, CAA because they represent the people who back and create the site upon which it is hosted. Is Alec Baldwin actually just having a good old fashioned Britney Spears esque meltdown? First he states he wants out of 30 Rock to concentrate on the cause of “Parental Alienation” which reads as an attempt at absolution about as clearly as Lindsay Lohan going into rehab – particularly seeing as you just know that he’s not leaving that show. Now, post appearance on The View and also, Dr. Phil – both shows with a largely middle aged woman following making it clear that he’s attempting to appeal to his female fan base (the people who have the capacity to sympathize and absolve) he is specifically gleaning maternal support. Actually, both are also TV shows too, so you know, let’s not forget that this is essentially him getting therapy selectively, in the public eye too. Leaving his management company makes it interesting though. How far will he now go to flagellate and prove that he acted out of long term emotional strain. Is it unreasonable to suggest self inflicted baldness? No, it most certainly is not, now get shearing. [source] [source]

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