Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Celebrity Madness

The bizarre gridlock involving Anderson Cooper, CNN and out gay society/media gets even more tense and astounding as Out Magazine lists him as number 2 on their most influential gay Americans list despite the fact that he refuses to acknowledge that he’s gay. To up the ante even more, they more or less put him on the front cover of the magazine. Out’s vehement refusal to accept Cooper’s selective closeted state is actually quite gutsy, just as far as statements and gestures go. Cooper’s usual technique is to simply avoid comment but at what point is comment unavoidable? Maybe he should break down and cry on CNN. No, he definitely should. That would certainly mobilize mainstream Clay Aiken fans.[source]

Astoundingly Kate Moss isn’t so popular anymore. Sure there’s her incessant drug taking, the fact that, as the film posted below shows, she’s co-dependently cemented to abusive drug and probably disease riddled rocker mess Pete Doherty indicating an always attractive clear and desperate need to be abused – but is that really reason enough to not keep her in FHM’s Top 100 Hottest Women? Is it really? The public clearly don’t know what they want. First Sanjaya Malakar, and now this. What the hell is going on? [source]

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