Monday, April 09, 2007

Just like the global Dada movement at the turn of the century and that rat that ran through a maze in Norway which then somehow enabled other rats in other parts of the world to run through a maze, so too is American Idol subject to that global consciousness thing where the same thing happens simultaneously all over the world. In this case, the enabling rat might have been Sanjaya Malakar – who, in much the same way that Jenna Jameson has all her magic powers tied up in her vagina, has all his talent stored and, indeed, used up in styling, his hair. The learning rats around the world, Sanjaya’s cultural equivalents in Germany and France, are no worse and no better than he is and they’ve managed to stick it out as well. Seems like maybe the world had it coming. Just like a shot to the face. [source]

Meet what appears to be Europe's answer to Kevin Federline, from the German "Superstar"

and Julien from France's Nouvelle Star

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