Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not missing a beat in her quest to make it clear to the entire universe that she really is completely incapable of basic rational thought, Lindsay Lohan makes the concise and socially reassuring statement that her friends and family are only safe when they are around her. For someone this marketable, where is her publicist? Tom Cruise managed to keep his insane, bipolar freak outs a secret from the media – or at least, he kept the media too scared to write about the REAL Tom Cruise due to Pat Kingsley. Li Lo isn’t anywhere near the manic instability of Tom Cruise and yet, this kind of crap keeps getting into the media. But, who knows, maybe it’s her schtick. She’s the unstable lunatic prodigy who gets to work with Streep despite herself. In that case, drink up and prattle on, dear. It’s sort of all you’ve got really, isn’t it? [source]

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