Friday, April 13, 2007

The always stable and alluringly svelte Virgie Arthur has made it clear that she’s a hankerin’ for some custody of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Smith Spears Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Windsor.

Ok, the thing is, when you look at Virgie Arthur does she look like someone who has actually really worked at being rotunned? Or, not so much worked at it as aggressively ignored the notion of nutrition and exercise? Like, aggressively ignored it. Oh, yes…that’s hardly the point, she’s fat but that’s a cheap shot. Blah blah blah…So, anyway, while it’s not really surprising that Virgie Arthur wants custody on some level, she’ll probably just negotiate with Larry Birkhead, ET will drag it out as the sequel to the paternity hearing, etc. etc. If talk shows have taught us anything, it’s that paternity tests and issues pertaining to custody battles rate really well among the American people so this is probably going to last a while. Interesting choice of wording from the good people at TMZ who say, "Anna Nicole's mom has stated that she wants to be more than just the child's grandma." What is that? Like a proposition? How weirdly white trash.[source]

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