Friday, April 27, 2007

While dashing charismatically about the publicity circuit for his new film The Hoax, Richard “I just want to say…this is my FAVOURITE show” Gere explains that the complaints made against him were made by a tiny conservative group and that they happen all the time – because of this group – and that no one goes to jail because of these inane obscenity arrests. He also apologized for kissing Ms. Shetty in public.

Yes…indeed. Let’s, actually wait and see how this really pans out for everyone involved. According to Access Hollywood, this wouldn’t be the first time an uprising in India based on a conservative group self righteously screeching about inappropriate behaviour has benefited Ms. Shetty, the actor Gere kissed. She went on Celebrity Big Brother and fellow UK housemate Jane Goody caused outrage after saying something racy and Shetty went on to win the competition.

Conservatives seem incapable of understanding that their disapproval is really something you only dream of when you want attention. Gere is banned from China and, at least at the moment, India, and he was cheered relentlessly when he walked on the set of Jon Stewart. Well, that could be because Jon Stewart audiences are beaten into submission and fed dehydrating Kool Aid that weakens their will, not to mention the electrified seats they sit on that buzz them so they’ll roar with applause anytime a guest delivers a complete sentence, no matter what the point, with conviction. There is that to consider yes, but he’s still working and has staying power.

If Oprah owns South Africa, Madonna owns Malawi and Angelina Jolie has a diversified portfolio of mixed interests, then despite the fact that tired old Meg Ryan has a Chinese kid, she hasn’t really milked it enough so Richard Gere most certainly owns China and probably soon he’ll own India. And good on him. Paul Krugman and Tom Friedman at the New York Times have been writing about how India and China are the superpowers of tomorrow for years. Not only has Gere got staying power in movies, he’s also got global foresight. [source]

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