Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Simon Cowell and then Perez Hilton adequately sum up the Sanjaya situation at this point. With reference to his performances, there’s little remaining to be said. He more or less hits the notes and he’s totally beautiful but either he ups the freak factor or suddenly sings better or it feels like the schtick could fade a little. The best part about this is actually that Simon Cowell slaps Ryan Seacrest down and rightly so. God, Ryan Seacrest is a perky, sell out shit. He’s so conventionally and blandly attractive and so obviously in the closet for commercial reasons and it’s just so tiresome in the most insistently Cooperian way. Actually, that would be interesting; Cooper and Seacrest actually hooking up and then obviously hinting at it on TV in a Jonathan Rhys Meyers fashion. They could do it and then both refuse to talk about it but make out on CNN. The sex itself would be sex awash with meta narrative. Perky, meta narrative with the tiniest hint of sarcasm. A sarcasm that is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to dark dark secrets. Wait, wasn’t this about Sanjaya? [source]

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