Thursday, April 12, 2007

After a couple of years on the market, Neverland Ranch is looking to be sold for, albeit 30 million bucks less than Michael Jackson asked for, $20 million. That’s the thing about child molestation accusations and in fact rape in general. It’s not so much that Michael Jackson is rapidly fading into a level of obscurity honestly not really seen anywhere since – well, who knows? Who else in history has been as freakish as Jackson (not including Roman Emperors because the fact that they raped kids was ok back then)? If you’ve got rape lurking around your aura, people will not respond favourably to your real estate. The poor Duke Lacrosse non-rapist David Evans can’t get a co-op in New York City and Michael Jackson can’t even get half what he wanted for his ranch. And the thing is, the ranch has a fucking amusement park and cinema in it, not to mention the fact that anything that looks distressed in the house – the furniture, what have you, was distressed by actual, authentic emotional distressed. Not some furniture worker. ROCK STAR, child abuse based, maybe child rape in the hidden past - distress. What maddeningly narcissistic movie star would say no to purchasing such authenticity and playtoys for the ego? Well, when it involves rape; apparently all of them. What’s the lesson we learn here? If you want to buy or sell property don’t rape anyone and also, just disassociate yourself FROM rape. Drop your rapist friends etc. [source]

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