Thursday, April 26, 2007

Well now, isn’t the grimly named Phil Spector turning out to be the poster boy for Any Mother’s Pride and Joy magazine? The New York Post reports today that not one person he’s worked with over the past 784 years (because he IS a vampire who will not die…isn’t he?) has raised a hand to defend him in his current murder trial.

And, systematic public denigration of everyone around him through his book aside, it’s no wonder. Even with his new haircut designed specifically to humanize him and take focus away from the fact that his hair, prior to its re-styling, clearly proved that the universe’s supply of evil actually comes from inside him and it seeps out through his skull – styling it naturally as it oozes, he still looks like the embodiment of squealing anti-social freakdom that rivals even the standards achieved by the freakishly hallowed Karl Rove. His name, people, is a couple of letter away from the word Specter. A Specter is a weird, undead thing. Think about it. [source]

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