Thursday, April 26, 2007

In an attempt to align himself with the emotionally driven housewives of the world and to drum up sympathy based support after he tore into his kid, Alec Baldwin is scheduled to appear on the View tomorrow, having taped the segment already. Sources who have read transcripts says he’s even said he would give up his clearly lucrative role in 30 Rock to spend time with the issue of parent alienation. Also, he says he really meant to yell at his ex-wife to whom he is legally denied access.

Is this the abusive parent equivalent of saying the word “faggot”or having a teenaged fan base and getting drunk in public? You scream abuse at your kid, it gets leaked to the universe, every mother in the universe hates you so you go on the View, wimper and then pledge to quit your show to spend time healing – the universe – of parental alienation issues? Firstly, genius damage control move there in quickly quarantining the purpose behind his rant as a specific thing. “Parental Alienation”. It sounds better than “Pompous, egotist, control freak, unmanaged rageaholic” and, for the most part, is stops people from speculating further than they would if he didn’t name it.

And the thing is – it seems to be working. Not only is the issue really just anecdotal at this point, people are even suggesting he take over from Rosie’s on the View. [source]

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