Monday, April 09, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Italian Mothers will soon be able to pick their son’s brides on a new reality TV show called Perfect Bride. While that’s really no big deal, especially if you live in the US where the newest season of Survivor was initially pitched to involve tribes of people based on race (ie. there was to be a black team, an Asian team, a white team etc. which never went to air because horrified advertisers dropped it like a diseased cat), critics in Italy have viciously condemned the show as an indication that Italian television has sunk to a new low. There’s nothing like depressed intellectual critics damning crap culture and quote that came from the paper La Repubblica was genius: “State TV is going too far in its failure to limit the rubbish, the rudeness, the lying, the lack of manners and the wiping out of social changes which happened 50 years ago”. This comes hot on the heels of the failure of a campaign to ban Reality TV in Italy which was denied last week. [source]

Remember back in the early nineties when Sally Jesse Raphael would get a bunch of troubled teens and their nail biting, frustrated middle class parents to come on the show to talk about how to deal with problem kids? With the help of that inane red haired showboating Mama Rose-esque doctor, they’d whack the kids in some Laura Ashley and wash the black eyeliner off their face and BANG problem kid solved! After all, ALL social problems are the result of a confused fashion sense. That’s all! The audience would clap because as they were now in conservative beige clothing one would wear to the office, the kid had finally been cured of his or her tendency to hang out with problem kids who didn’t do their homework, smoke pot, wear goth gear, use their skateboard on public property and roll their eyes at their shrill idiot parents who refused to realize that the reason they did all these things was more or less because they were just chronically bored living in suburbia. Well, now it’s happening in real life with the cause-happy reverend in Florida who is championing the cause of making young people pull up their pants, wear belts and stop listening to hip hop. It’s hard to really know where to begin explaining the extent of the flaws in a Pant based social war. It’s not hard to point out the line in the news report linked here which is “The belts are a way to get to something deeper” which is awfully sexual if you think about it. [source]

How do you know when to move your grandparent out of the suspiciously cheap nursing home you’re keeping them in? When you find out that a rat has crawled inside their mouth and stayed so long it actually DIED and no one noticed a thing and that’s exactly what happened at a nursing home in Santa Ana, California. The stories from both sides are so contradictory that it’s hard to know what to think but what remains is that there isn’t a headline that sums up the utterly nauseating better than the phrase “Dead Rat Found in Senior’s Mouth”? [source]

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