Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

The Pope’s old car is back on the charity auction block. It was previously sold to the Golden Palace Casino, these are the people who pay top dollar for mother and daughter teams who will tattoo their breasts with identical logos promoting the casino and for cheese sandwiches in which the Virgin Mary appears (yes, that’s who we blame for the hype at least somewhat) who are now selling it to make money for Habitat for Humanity. While the car is pretty old and most certainly doesn’t have new car smell any more, whoever the buyer is will be blessed with a Volkswagon that has a rare scent in it known as “Evil Looking Old Nazi Smell” which of course should considerably up its fetching price on ebay. [source]

Chinese restaurateurs pay 580,000 yuan (around $US75,000) for an unusually large Golden Tiger Fish because it is said to symbolize great financial success. The plan is, they buy the unusually large fish, hype up the press and people should come flocking to buy and eat in order that they too may partake in the fish’s money based luck. Part two of the plan is that the servings of fish will be priced at 2000 yuan per kilo which is odd seeing as the fish cost the restaurant 12,000 yuan per kilo leaving them with an 83% loss. What a freakin' dud ripoff of a fish THAT is. [source]

The Bangkok Hilton (a clearly ethically strict prison in Thailand) holds boxing matches between inmates with the prize being a shorter sentence and Samson Sor Siriporn (ha, her name has the word PORN in it!), a convicted drug dealer is currently the star boxer and isn’t this just a business trip late night leisure activity dream come true. But it gets better! While female prisoners box for a chance at expedited freedom, their Lady Man counterparts parade around in heels as the cheap, transgendered Vanna Whites of the Thai prison system.

Stay for the alpha male boxing entertainment! Run around the back with a Lady Man for some forbidden sex that no one has to know about! It’s everything you’ve wanted and more while on that solo business trip! Your wife need never know and seeing as they’re just female prisoners and male/female hybrids – they’re not real people so it’s ok not to worry about what it all means! [source]

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