Monday, April 02, 2007

Today in Extraordinarily Odd

Folks at Café Duran, a coffee manufacturer in Panama, spend 4 hours and 300 pounds of coffee brewing up the largest cup of in the world. The record is not yet official and will be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records for official recognition later this month. Meanwhile, a lot of fish are going to be mighty productive and focused when that gets flushed into the ocean via the toilet. Most will be mighty productive while some may endure headaches and more frequent bowel movements. [source]

When an Indian couple’s dog dies they see no other option than to commit suicide together by hanging themselves. This story can indicate any or all of these two outcomes; one, the relationship between the two was kept together BY the dog meaning that the dog was like that child baby boomer parents have at the very point they’re realizing they shouldn’t be married OR two, the dog was a kind of reincarnated dog, in the sense that the dog WAS their God and that they were a part of a strange two person cult that existed within their very own home. In the same way that slaves in ancient Rome killed themselves after their masters did so for reasons pertaining to honor, these two people killed themselves because it was the will of their pet/god. I am pretty sure there’s no other option or in fact, conscious understanding within me about where this rationale is coming from. [source]

A frustrated Danish woman with a petulant 15 year old son went to extreme measures after she got a bit cross at him for refusing to open the car door. The woman had locked her keys in the car with her son and he decided to refuse to open the door at her request. As tension mounted with the frustrated mother, she made the decision to walk away and come back with an axe. She then smashed the window of her car open and was finally granted access to her car. What does this teach? Well, it teaches us not to rely on someone else for things. She couldn’t rely on her son to help her so she did what she or anyone else would have done in that instance and took matters into her own hands and now she can get on with her day of numerous errands and chores. [source]

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